Continuing Collaboration: Beyond Digital in Tangier

Feb 14, 2012 by        Documentation, Morocco 2011, Music

In September 2011, Maggie Schmitt, Juan Alcon, and Jace Clayton from Beyond Digital returned to Morocco to follow up on our initial contact with Hassan Wargui and his group, Imanaren.  This time, accompanied by Lindsay Cuff and Brent Arnold, musicians from Clayton’s New York-based band Nettle.

[flyer for the Nettle & Hassan Wargui concert in Tangier, Sept. 2011]

The team spent a week in a rented apartment in Tangiers sharing songs and stories, learning each other’s rhythms and words. Music substitutes language, an impossible relationship billows out and takes flight. At the end of the week, they gave a free outdoor concert hosted by the Cinematheque du Tanger, in the medina of Tangier.

Here is lyrical footage from the time in Tangier, set to “L’Avion”, one of the songs composed during that week.

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