Traducción , Traduction, ترجمة

John + Hamsa + Jace Editing Dailies

Translation is no joke. Somehow, it’s the fundamental activity of our project. But #realtalk, of our eight person team, only Carolyn and Maggie speak French well,  Maggie speaks Arabic decently, and no one speaks any of the Berber dialects. We have a contact list for a  small team of translators- but with the budget we are working with means that most of these people are students, unemployed, and/or friends of friends of our contacts here. People don’t pick up, they don’t show up – but we do have two reliable collaborators. Hamza   and Zineb are both here working this morning. Hamza with John looking at some of the ambient images he’s been making of Casa. Zineb with Juan working on transcribing last weeks interview with auto-tune king Adil.

Juan + Zineb Subtitling

Here we are creating this improbable moment of translation. Entering a space we set up to experiment and fail in.  Jace’s love for Berber music without understanding a word. Bo using studio practice to overcome language. John watching kids do parkour through the city. Carolyn and me cutting up old bollywood and western classics overdubbed then re-subtitled. Always just looking for enough friction to create the heat needed to build our work. I guess I’m as interested in where tranlsation reaches its limits and what we do when we reach them. Infographics filled with half-truths. Film stills re-titled with google translate.

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  • No joke, very funny!
    The translations must be hilarious!

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