Bedroom Session with Gnaoui Instrumentalists

Jun 12, 2011 by        Blog, Documentation, Morocco 2011, Music, Photography

When he’s not out with the team interviewing elusive Berber pop stars, Maga Bo has been deep in the lab, cutting together new beats.  Yesterday morning two Gnaoui musicians, a guembri player and a bendir drummer, came by the apartment to improvise over his work.  Juan, Maggie and I crowded into the bedroom/recording studio to film, photograph and translate.  Check out a few of my photos below.

Bo with guembri

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  • Looks amazing! Where’s the video? Would love to hear what this sounded like.

  • Hey Joao- a video should be up in the next few days- just editing down.


  • Hi Maga Bo,

    This is Hakim from Sweden it looks like you r having fun down there, good luck with your team i wish if i was there too.
    Great pictures by the way

    Musically yours .

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