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from MTV’s Iggy Blog, February 2, 2011

Beyond Digital

American DJ /Rupture AKA Jace Clayton and Brazil-based American DJ Maga Bo have been traveling the world for years, recording far flung musicians on site. They, especially /Rupture, have also been obsessing pretty hard about Berber Auto-Tune music.

There’s only so much Berber Auto-Tune available on the Web. To really get their fix for such sounds, they’re going to have to go beyond the digital world and actually hang out in Morocco for awhile. Hence the name of their project, Beyond Digital.

They hope to make it to Morocco by June 2011. Once there, the two DJs plan to research and record the music they love and make short documentary videos while also collaborating with local artists, giving weekly performances, and leading workshops to share their knowledge of digital production tools and global media with local musicians and youth.

/Rupture and Maga Bo would like to see the project become a full-fledged nonprofit someday. But, for now, they’re just trying to get to Morocco.

To that end, there’s a Kickstarter page to raise money for a preliminary organizing trip and to build a website. Donate and you could score thank you gifts ranging from postcards from Morocco to having /Rupture and Maga Bo play a party at your house! The video on the page explains the project a lot more in detail with a sweet soundtrack of Auto-Tuned North African music. It’s worth watching just for the tunes.


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